2017/2018 NZ Paddler Series


This series brings together the results of multi-sport, K1 and surf ski races to provide a consolidated ranking for all NZ paddlers. 

What events are included?

View the calendar of events including surfski, K1, and multisport races to suit the preference of every paddler.

How are points calculated?

Earn 1-200 points per race depending on placing. Your top five results will make up your ranking. Read More

Is it too late to add an event?

Definitely not! The more events we can get included the better. Find out more about the event criteria and register here. 

Current Rankings

(last updated 30th Nov - Post Waikato 100 and Rasdex P3)

Long Course Men:

1. L Lace, 2. F Moles, 3. T Sutton

Open Male
1. A Mowlem, 2. T Brooke, 3. J Alsop

Masters Male
1. S Murphy,  2. R Hill,  3. V Reed

Vet Male
1. S Reece, 2.M Watson, 3. C Findlay

Classic Male
1. P Gillard, 2. B Baker, 3. D Parker

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Short Course Men:

U14 Men
1. Z Mill-Nossiter,  2. G Pedley, 3. C Brimelow

U16 Men 
1. J Clifton,  2. R Clough,  3. F Moles

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Long Course Women:

U18 Women
1. N Lee,  2. L Clifton,  3. A Wiparata

Open Women
1. E Tanner,  2. R Scott,  3. H Johnston

Masters Women
1. S Faulkner,  2. S Helmore,  3. S Craighead

Vet Women
1. R Gatland,  2. D Galbraith,  3. J Blyleven


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Short Course Women:

U14 Women
1. S Old, 2. M Baker, 3. A Clifton

U16 Women
1. A Clifton, 2. S Brooke, 3. N Schurhammer

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